1."Estimation of spatial autoregressive models for origin-destination flows: A partial likelihood approach" with Hanbat Jeong and Lung-fei Lee.  Economics Letters (2023) 

Working Papers

1."Addressing endogeneity issues in a spatial autoregressive model using copulas" with Yichun Song. [Supplement] (R&R at Journal of Econometrics

2."An efficient residual-adjusted two-step estimator for a SARAR model" with Lung-fei Lee and Yang Yang. (R&R at Econometric Reviews)

3.""WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF"? The health and economic costs and benefits of COVID-19 policy responses" with Hanbat Jeong and Bruce Weinberg. [Supplement] (Submitted) 

4."Copy to China? foreign venture capital, network spillover, and local innovation" with Tingfan Gao and Shixun Wang. 

5."Estimating group network effects with type associated heterogeneity" with Yang Yang.

6."Copula joint estimation for spatial dynamic panel data models with endogeneity issues" with Yichun Song. [Supplement]

7."A spatial dynamic panel data model for flow variables with asymmetric origins and destinations" with Yang Yang.  [Supplement]

8."Specification and estimation of a spatial autoregressive model with nonlinear interaction effects". [Supplement]

9."QML estimation of a spatial autoregressive model with endogenous heterogeneity" with Yichun Song and Yang Yang. [Supplement]

10."Unveiling the common prosperity gene within Chinese clan culture: a discussion on the Piketty dilemma" with Zhongqi Deng, Tingfan Gao and Ziqi Lu.

Work in Progress

Research Awards

2023 Tom Kniesner and Debbie Freund Award (US $5,000), Department of Economics, The Ohio State University

2022 G.S. Maddala Prize in Econometrics (US $5,000), Department of Economics, The Ohio State University

Travel Grant

2024 Optimization-Conscious Econometrics Summer School, The Kenneth C. Griffin Applied Economics Incubator, University of Chicago